Fashion Cleaners wants to help you stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic

As well as following industry best practices and public health guidelines, here at Fashion Cleaners, we recommend the following ways to help minimize your health risk.

  • Reduce person to person exposure by using our FREE pick-up & delivery service.
  • Take advantage of our curbside service at all seven Fashion Cleaners Locations.

Your Safety is Important to Us

Our team members at all seven locations, as well as our drivers, are following recommended hygiene protocols as well as implemented increased cleaning efforts at all stores, vans, and production areas. We are staying informed on best practices for garment handling and care as defined by the CDC and Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute. There is still more to learn about the lifespan of the virus on textiles; the CDC recognizes professional dry cleaning & wet cleaning processes as effective ways to sanitize against the virus. We will continue to monitor the information and recommendations of textile experts closely.
For the good of our community, we all must stay informed and follow the guidelines of government health agencies. For up-to-date information about what you can do to protect yourself and your family and prevent the spread of the disease, refer to government agencies such as The World Health Organization,  Centers for Disease Control Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
We urge everyone to follow basic hygiene protocols and increase cleaning efforts at home or work. It is also essential to observe social distancing guidelines and self-quarantine recommendations. 
Stay safe, and stay healthy! We’re in this together.


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