Linens & Bedding



Silk and linen sheets as well as high-thread count sheets (600+) and highly detailed linens demand a specialized cleaning process and extensive hand finishing. Fashion Cleaners’ sophisticated facility and equipment can protect and extend the life of your high quality bedding.

Nothing is better than slipping between freshly cleaned and ironed sheets. Our bed linen service includes stain removal, cleaning and sanitizing, hand pressing, minor mending, inspections and packaging. For your convenience, linens are bundled in sets to make changing beds as easy as possible.



Down-filled pillows receive a special touch and we provide a range of services that ensure these items are returned warm and fluffy! We clean and sanitize your items as well as refresh the feathers to restore your pieces their best. These items are returned with brand new “ticking” that ensures your pillows returned like-new.

Table Linens Service

We are Omaha’s most trusted dry cleaner of fine linens. Each piece is individually soaked, starched, and hand pressed to produce the highest quality results. Table cloths are blocked (returned to original shape) using our one-of-a-kind blocking rack.
Linens are returned on a wide hanger layered with white tissue paper for a minimum amount of creasing or on a roller for a creaseless finish.

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