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Wash, Dry, Fold Service

Home Pick-up & Delivery Laundry Service

Our WASH•DRY•FOLD laundry service makes it easy to add laundry service to your weekly pick-up & delivery, or in-store drop off and pick-up! We sort it, wash it, dry it, and fold it and return it…allowing you more time for other things.

Fashion Cleaners knows how tedious the job of doing laundry can be, so we developed our Wash • Dry • Fold Laundry Service to help make your life easier by eliminating the tedious chore of doing laundry.

To make the process simple, offer two laundry bag sizes, each with a set price. All you have to do is fill your bag and leave it for your route driver, or bring it into one of our six convenient locations. When it’s done, we return your folded laundry along with the bag back to you.



Medium Bag: $29.99
Large Bag: $49.99

A la carte laundry service: $3.48/lb


Pick-up and Drop-off

We come by twice a week to pick-up/drop off. Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Existing route customers will keep their existing scheldule.


How do I sign up?


You can fill out our online request form, call any store location, or use our web app to get started.


How does pick-up and delivery service work?

It can be added to your existing route service, just fill the provided laundry bag and leave it for you route driver. If you are not an existing route customer, simply request route service, your route driver will provide you with a laundry bag to fill and leave on your designated pick-up days.

Can I drop off and pick-up at one Fashion Cleaners 6 locations?
Yes. You can leave your laundry bag at any of our retail locations.
What products do you use to wash my clothes?
Fashion Cleaners uses only the best rated laundry soaps to clean your clothes without any harsh or abrasive chemicals.
What if I accidentally include dry clean only garments in 
my laundry bag?
We will not wash any garments label dry clean only. We will contact you and let you decide if you want to authorize dry cleaning, which will be charged to your credit card on file.
How does Fashion Cleaners track my clothes?
Fashion Cleaners has developed computerized systems to track your laundry from pick up all the way through delivery back to you. We do not mix your clothes with other customer’s clothes to minimize the risk of these mix-ups. We also utilize video surveillance technology to prevent theft or loss. We are responsible for the garments that you give us in accordance with our damage or loss policy. We as a professional organization, have liability insurance that protects our client’s property in all areas; theft, flood, fire, and other losses.

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