Fetch with Fashion and the Nebraska Humane Society

Fetch with Fashion

Fetch your old blankets or towels for the Nebraska Humane Society!

The Nebraska Humane Society is always in need of blankets and towels to use for bedding, baths, etc.

Drop off any old blankets and towels you have and we’ll clean and deliver  them to the Nebraska Humane Society to help make sure all the animals have a warm bed.

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More Ways to Give:

Unique Giving Opportunities

The Nebraska Humane Society gratefully accepts goods and in-kind gifts to help animals at the shelter. Your donations benefit numerous departments year-round—from providing basic care and comfort to equipping our medical staff and our cat and dog enrichment programs, every item counts. Find out more

Wish list

The Nebraska Humane Society is always looking for those items that may be cluttering up your garage and junk drawers. Instead of pitching your old blankets and towels, consider donating them to the animals instead. They accept drop-off donations during business hours. Click here to see the products they accept

They also accept products from their Amazon wish list

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