How to remove underarm stains from garments

Don’t let underarm stains ruin your favorite garments

Underarm stains are one of the most common and most frustrating stains that often ruin garments. They are a combination of antiperspirant and sweat. Although it’s always best to avoid staining by pre-treating your garments before every wash, if for some reason that didn’t happen, all is not lost, you should still be able to remove the stain even if it has set in.

Today we’re sharing the method that we’ve found to be the best way to treat these pesky stains at home; it’s simple and works almost every time.

Follow these steps to get your garments looking like new:

  • Step 1. Combine 1 part dishwashing soap with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide.
  • Step 2. Apply the solution directly to the stain.
  • Step 3. Add a sprinkle of baking soda.
  • Step 4. Use a laundry brush to work the mixture into the stain. If you don’t have a laundry brush, try using a soft-bristle toothbrush.
  • Step 5. Let the treated shirt sit for an hour.
  • Step 6. Wash normally.

Another alternative is to have the garment cleaned by a professional cleaner like Fashion Cleaners, we can review the garment and let you know if it appears to be fixable. We have spotting solutions and methods that help us  remove many spots and stains that can’t be treated at home.

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