Messages to Fashion Cleaners Employees

Monday, March 23, 2020 UPDATE

Hello Fashion Cleaners’ cherished staff.  

We hope everyone is safe and secure. Our current plan is to keep operating. 

Today: Monday March 23, 2020 we are updating our ours as follows:

  • Mon – Fri: 8 am – 6 pm

  • Sat: 9 am – 1pm

Of course this is all subject to change, as more more directions are handed down by the state of Nebraska. We will be monitoring this daily. We want to be sure that we are adjusting our procedures to keep you (our staff) as safe as possible. 

Please check this web page daily for any updates.
Below please find links to the CDC with information to help you keep yourself and your coworkers safe.

When and How to Wash Your Hands

How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

How COVID-19  Spreads

Manage Anxiety & Stress

Symptoms & Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

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