How to clean a mattress

Clean A Mattress Every Season

Did you know you should clean a mattress at least 4 per year? According to The American Council on Science and Health, your mattress could very well be home to about 10 million dust mites. Don’t get grossed out; get busy and show those little invaders who’s boss.

Your mattress could have 10 million dust mites

How to Deep Clean a Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is easier than you think. You can do it yourself, and it doesn’t require a lot of time or money. All you need is a good vacuum cleaner with cleaning attachments, baking soda, and your favorite essential oil (we suggest lavender as it will also promote restful sleep).

Step 1

Strip your mattress and give it a thorough vacuuming.

Removing Bedding to Clean a Mattress
Vacuuming a mattress to prepare for cleaning

Step 2.

Add about 20 drops of your favorite essential  oil to a box of baking soda and mix well.
Baking Soda and Essential oils for cleaning a mattress

Step 3.

Massage the entire baking soda/essential oil mixture all over the mattress and let it sit for at least one hour. More if you have the time.
Cleaning a mattress with baking soda and essential oils

Step 4. 

Vacuum up the baking soda mixture.
Vacuuming a mattress after it has been cleaned

You’ve Successfully Cleaned A Mattress

And Voila! You now have a freshened up mattress, which should be and dust mite and allergen-free.

To keep your mattress fresh, add a protective mattress pad over the mattress to prevent dust mites and skin flakes from getting into the mattress.

Then finish with freshly laundered sheets and bedding.

Fresh sheets and bedding for a clean mattress

Professionally Clean Comforters and Bedspreads

Fashion Cleaners professional dry cleaning and laundry machines are perfect for all your comforters, bedspreads and duvet covers. Professional cleaning is a great way to keep your bedding clean and sanitized and finished properly.



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