How to Care For Your Swimsuits

Caring for Swimsuits

Finding the perfect swimsuit is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded shopping trips for most women. There are so many options in color, prints, style, and fabric which can be overwhelming. Once you’ve decided on the style of swimsuit then comes finding the proper fit which can be the most exhausting part of all. Therefore, once you finally find “the one” you want to make it last as long as possible. We’ve got a few tips to help you extend the life of your favorite swimsuit.

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1. Know the Fabric.

The best fabrics are nylon, spandex, and lycra, which are all durable and easy to care for. Although nylon great for swimsuits, it may fade when exposed to intense sunlight. Spandex is most comfortable and sturdy, but take note that is usually combined with other fabrics, so you need to pay attention very close attention to the care label. A less common fabric used for swimsuits is polyester, which is less comfortable than the more popular fabrics but is more chlorine and fade resistant so that it may have a longer lifespan.

2. Be Careful with Sunscreen and Insect Repellants.

Try not to let these products get on your swimsuit. Especially those containing oils as they could leave spots. If you do spill some suntan oil on your swimsuit, rinse it as soon as you can, if you have access to a little dish soap or shampoo, use that to treat the stain before rinsing.

3. Watch Where You Sit.

Ordinary swimsuit fabrics tend to snag easily. Do not sit directly on concrete, sand or any rough surface. Always place a towel on the surface and sit on that. You can also invest in swimsuit coverup, which will also act as a barrier between your swimsuit and any harsh surfaces.

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4. Clean After Wearing.

Your swimsuit must be cleaned each time you wear it. Use a bit of baby shampoo with cool water to make sure all soil and chlorine are removed. Never wring out the swimsuit, gently remove excess water and lay flat to dry.

5. Alternate Your Swimsuits.

Some swimsuit fabrics, like spandex and stretch out, so it is best to give the suit a break and not wear it day after day. So try to keep one other swimsuit on hand so you can keep your newest swimsuit looking new.

6. Proper Seasonal Storage.

Your swimsuits should be washed and completely dry before storing them for the season. It is best to store them in a garment bag so they can breathe and it will ensure they are fresh and ready to go the when summer arrives.

Overall, swimsuit care is pretty straightforward, be consistent with rinsing and drying, and your swimsuit should look great for not only one summer but many more. If you are worried about cleaning the suit yourself, you can always trust a professional dry cleaner like Fashion Cleaners to the cleaning for you.

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