How to care for a wool coat or jacket

Here in the Midwest it gets cold and a good wool coat or jacket is a stylish essential for both men and women. Wool coats are warm and come in so many styles, colors and are always on trend and that’s why wool is our go-to winter coat fabric. Although care for wool coats is different from the care of many other materials, it is not nearly as difficult or time consuming as many people may think and unlike coats made of many other materials, a wool coat can last for many years. Proper care for wool coats is essential and as we mentioned, pretty easy. Here are some helpful tips and instructions for keeping your wool coats looking great.


Wool Coat Care

  1. Gently brush the coat with a soft suede brush. You can also use a lint brush to clean the coat after wearing it and before hanging in a closet. Brushing removes surface soil and lint.
  2. Hang wool coats on plastic or wood hangers between use. Hangers should be sturdy and broad, so the weight of the coat does not stretch the shoulder areas out of shape. In addition, hang wool coats in an area with good air flow. If packed too tightly with other items, wool coats may become crumpled. Also, wool hung next to dirty items may absorb some of the dirt or odor.
  3. Blot spills on wool immediately to sop up moisture. Use absorbent cloths or heavy paper towels and do not rub the spill. Rubbing will spread the liquid and push it deeper into the wool. If the substance spilled contains natural or chemical pigments (wine, ink, chocolate or coffee), consult a dry-cleaning company or the coat manufacturer for what to do after blotting the liquid. The proper course of action can vary, depending on the type of wool.
  4. Take wool coats to a dry cleaner twice a year. The best time to take a coat to the cleaner is at the beginning and end of the season. If wool coats become exceptionally dirty for some reason, you may need to have them professionally cleaned more often. With normal use, however, twice yearly should be sufficient.
  5. Store coats after the season in a garment bag. This will help prevent moths and other insects from infesting the wool. For additional protection, you can add moth balls or store the items with cedar chips (or other natural moth repellents). Keep in mind moth balls can often add an unpleasant odor to your coat. We would suggest using Fashion Cleaners free seasonal storage after you’ve had your coat cleaned in the spring.


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