Hot Weather Wardrobe For Men

As we head into summer and the HOT weather that comes with it, we thought we’d share this great infographic showing how to create a 15 item hot weather interchangeable wardrobe Real Men Real Style.

Choose from Business, Casual or Versatile style, so there’s something for everyone. This handy guide can help keep you on track when you head out to purchase new items for your summer wardrobe. Also keep in mind, this wardrobe is assuming that all the clothing items are lightweight & breathable fabrics like:
•    Linen
•    Worsted Wool
•    Seersucker
•    Poplin
•    Synthetic Moisture Wicking Fibers (Polyester, Spandex, Nylon)

To keep your new summer wardrobe looking fresh throughout the season, you should have them professionally cleaned. Fashion Cleaners uses only 100% eco-friendly solvents and detergents so you clothes smell as fresh as they look.

Also, choose quality clothing, it will fit better and last longest. Below is a list of our favorite quality retailers. They all have helpful and knowledeable staff that can make sure you get the proper fit and style for your body type and lifestyle.


Rossi Clothiers
Jerry Ryan
Tom James

ot weather interchangeable wardrobe

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