To tie in with this month’s special offer of heirloom preservation, we’d like to share why the proper preservation of your special garments is so important, and what sets Fashion Cleaners apart when it comes to caring for your treasured items.

Christening Gowns

Careful cleaning is essential to prolonging the life of all your ceremonial children’s clothing. After your christening or other special occasion, we highly recommend bringing in the garment for heirloom preservation; our Specialist will hand clean and store your family’s vintage gown or suit in acid-free paper in an archival-quality, acid-free container that is just the right size for your christening gown.

Military Uniforms

If you have a husband or other loved one who served in the military, think about how wonderful it would be to preserve the memories associated with his or her military uniform. Consider getting your own military uniform preserved.  Don’t let the memories fade over time; preserve modern or vintage military uniforms so they will last for generations. What a great Father’s Day or birthday gift!  And don’t forget the women of the military who served our country.  All of our military…Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard…deserve the remembrance of their service to our country. We will clean and preserve all types of military uniforms…in fact, we would consider it an honor!  We are specialists in cleaning and preserving military uniforms of all vintages.

Bridal Gown Preservation

Preserve your wedding gown with a MuseumCare™ preservation and turn the memory of your special day into an heirloom. Perhaps someday your daughter or granddaughter will walk down the aisle wearing the same bridal gown that meant so much to you. Keep your bridal gown in the family the right way with the gown preservation service you can trust! As a Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™, Fashion Cleaners will give your beautiful gown the care it deserves, you also choose to help safeguard the future of our planet. We offset all carbon dioxide emissions that result from the process of cleaning and preserving your wedding gown with our donations to, the leading nonprofit carbon offset and climate solutions organization, and uses our donations to help fund reforestation projects around the world. We are the first in the industry to offer carbon-neutral wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation, and our ZeroCarbon™ gown preservations are unique.

Our thoroughness and attention to detail guarantee great results!

Free Evaluation:

We will gladly give you a free consultation and estimate for the care of any fabric, new or vintage.

Hand Cleaning:

We hand treat and clean each family gown (wedding, communion, christening, quinceañera) individually — never in combination with any other bridal dresses or family gowns. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.

Anti-sugar Stain Treatment:

Spills containing sugar, salt, and acid often dry clear and cannot be seen. These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and turn an ugly brown over time. Our unique anti-sugar stain treatment, featured in Modern Bride and Bride’s, ensures that all sugar, salt, and acid — seen or unseen — is removed. Personal Inspection Available: You may arrange to inspect your bridal or other family gown before your true gown preservation is completed.

Environmentally-Pure, Lasting Protection:

Vacuum or plastic seals and other materials can damage wedding gowns. Your family or bridal gown is layered with acid-free tissue and carefully folded into an acid-free, museum quality, archival wedding chest. International Guarantee: Return your gown when it is to be worn again to any participating Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ who will inspect and press the gown at no charge.

Proper Storage

Our archival-quality chests offer the best protection for your precious garments. Our chests will protect your treasured garments from accidental damage such as crushing or cuts from sharp objects. There are reports of gowns stored in these chests that have survived a fire; the container was seared and scorched, but the contents were safe. Our museum-quality chests are completely acid-free with an acid-free polyethylene window, and we use only completely acid-free tissue to pad the folds of your special clothing. Our special containers will protect your heirloom fabrics from light, moisture, dust, and dirt. Do remember never to store your heirloom clothing where there are extreme changes in heat and humidity: do not keep your preserved heirlooms in the attic which is too hot or in the basement, which is too damp. Contact us at Fashion Cleaners to set an appointment or find out more about heirloom preservation and restoration.

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