Doing laundry can be a daunting task, and trying to decipher those laundry symbols on clothing tags can get frustrating. Often, all the garment manufacturers put on the tag is the symbol with no words, leaving us wondering how exactly should I wash and dry the garment. Or, should it be dry cleaned or not dry cleaned, sometimes it is all just so confusing. In order to help you out we thought we’d post this little cheat sheet. It shows the symbol and what it means, we’ve also added a link to a printable pdf you can print out and keep in your laundry room.

And always remember, if you need to tear the tag off your garments, keep them handy either in a small plastic back or taped to a piece of paper so you can be sure to launder the garment properly.

When in doubt, bring your garment to Fashion Cleaners and we can help determine the proper cleaning technique.

Garment Care Laundry Symbols

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