Fading Bedspreads and Comforters

Oh No, My Bedspread Faded!

Have you ever taken your favorite bedspread or comforter to the dry cleaner for cleaning, but when you get it back, to your horror, you discover that the colors have faded substantially. Fading of bedspreads, comforters, quilts, and other household items is quite common. It can happen even during the most acceptable cleaning procedures using the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, the surface color has a streaked or frosted appearance. There may also be an overall lightening or complete change of color. Often the fading isn’t noticeable until compared to other matching components in the bedroom ensemble. 

Why Do Bedspreads and Comforters Fade?

when the dyes or pigments applied during manufacturing are not colorfast to dry cleaning solvent. Unfortunately, the dry cleaner has no way of knowing whether the dyes will fade during acceptable cleaning procedures.

Make Sure the Bedspread or Comforter is Tested for Colorfastness

When you bring in a comforter or bedspread for cleaning to Fashion Cleaners, tell your customer service associate that you want it tested for colorfastness before cleaning, regardless of what the care label says. This testing will also determine which process, laundering, or dry cleaning would be safest for the color and fabric. In some cases, bedspreads that cannot be dry cleaned can safely be wet cleaned. However, there are bedspreads and comforters, especially prints, that cannot withstand washing or dry cleaning procedures without fading.

Proceed with Caution

If tests show that the colors may fade, your associate will contact you, and you’ll then need to decide how or if you want the bedspread or comforter cleaned. If the tests show that there’s a good chance the colors will fade and you decide you DO want it cleaned, then we suggest you have any matching components cleaned as well to ensure that the color will be consistent. We may also ask you to sign a release so we can proceed with cleaning. Most of all, you should remember that once a bedspread or comforter has faded, the colors cannot be restored.

If you have questions about having any of your household items cleaned, give us a call or email us at info@fashioncleaners.com, and we’ll get them answered.

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