Six tips to help you keep your designer handbag looking great

Six tips to help you keep your designer handbag looking great

A leather designer handbag is a coveted and cherished object. Depending on the brand status, they are generally more costly than average fabric and leather bags. Good quality leather bags can preserve their shape for years if taken care of properly. Appropriate care prevents the leather from cracking and drying out and also safeguards it from too much of the moisture that can cause the leather to mildew or swell.


Here are few things you can do to ensure your designer handbag lasts long and stays soft, and reliable for years to come.


1. Store your designer handbag properly when not in use:

Leather handbags should be stored in a closet or other area with low humidity and good airflow. They should be kept at a place away from direct sunlight, as it can fade and dry out the leather. High humidity or moisture can rot the leather luggage.

2. Protect your bag:

Guard it against accidental stains with a leather protectant. You can buy them from a drugstore or shoe repair shop.

3. Clean them:

These handbags are susceptible to gripping of oils and greases. Wipe the surface with a damp white cotton cloth, but stay cautious in using too much of the water, because leather takes time to dry. Then apply a cleaner in a circular motion and wiped it off with a damp cloth. Soap should be used only once or twice a year. At last, moisturize it with a leather conditioner to keep it supple. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your handbags yourself, Fashion Cleaners will do it for you, we offer cleaning of all leather goods from handbags to leather and suede jackets.

4. Soften the leather with your hand:

A bag generally become buttery-soft on its own, but this process can be sped up. Lay it on a flat surface and, start rolling it from the bottom to top, then re-roll it from a different side. After this, you can turn it inside out and start the process again.

5. Resist the temptation to treat stains:

Carrying your favorite bag all the time and everywhere can lead to accidental stains like tint from grass, grease from food items, leakage from an ink pen and makeup, etc. Always let a leather specialist remove such stains. They are skilled and have tools and solutions that can be used without ruining the leather.

6. Waterproof them:

By spraying water-repellent protective spray on the genuine leather handbag, you can carry them in rain or high humidity. Although a quality designer handbag should already be protected with such layers during the manufacturing process, it never hurts to add this additional protection.

We know a designer handbag can be a substantial investment and one you will want to cherish for years. Just keep in mind, like any long-standing love affair, a little tender loving care is required. Using the tips above and bringing your handbag in for yearly professional cleaning will ensure your beautiful designer handbag will be an essential part of your wardrobe for many, many years.

If you’re looking to invest in a fabulous designer handbag, but aren’t quite ready to pay the hefty price of a new one. Consider checking out a consignment or reseller boutique or online shop.

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