Your bedsheets are a significant investment, protect that investment by washing, drying, and storing them properly. Here are some tips for caring for bedsheets.

Wash your Sheets Often

Extend the life of your sheets by washing them weekly. You sleep in on the sheets every night, and skin cell, body oils, dirt, and dust accumulate on sheets. The longer these elements stay on the sheets, the more stress there is put on the fibers. In addition to stressing the fibers, skin cells and body oils can attract microscopic mites.

We recommend you keep at least two sets of sheets available, so a clean set is always ready to be put onto the bed. This rotation will also prolong the life of your sheets.

Know Your Sheets’ Fiber Content

To give your bedsheets proper care, you must know the fabric content of sheets. You can find this on the package and the care label. Standard fabrics include; cotton, Egyptian cotton, a cotton-polyester blend, bamboo, silk or linen. Learn how to choose the fiber that will work best for you.

Caring for Your Bedsheets

Always wash bedsheets separately from other clothing or towels. Sheets need room to circulate in the water to get them as clean as possible. Keeping your sheets apart from other garments will also prevent potential damage from zippers, buttons, or brushing by harsh fabrics that can cause pilling over time.

If your sheets are stained, pretreat the stains before laundering. Do not use bleach; it can damage the fabric and decrease the life of your sheets. To keep white sheets white, we recommend adding an oxygen-based bleach to the washer. Use a mild detergent for most fabrics; silk may require hand washing and a more specialized detergent. Always follow the manufacturers instructions on the sheets.

Your washing machine makes a big difference. If your washing machine has a center agitator, you should form each sheet into a loose ball before dropping them into the tub; This helps reduce the damage that may come to sheets from making contact with the agitator.

It’s best to choose a gentle cycle and lukewarm or cold water. To help reduce wrinkles, remove the bedsheets promptly after the cycle is finished.

If you have the resources, it’s best to dry on an outside clothesline, out of the direct sun. If you’re not so lucky as to have a clothesline available you’ll need to use the dryer. Shake the sheets out before putting them in the dryer and use a low heat setting to avoid damage from high temperatures.

Remove the sheets from the dryer immediately when the cycle is over and fold them while they are still warm, smooth out wrinkles as you fold.

Store Bedsheets Properly

Store matching sheets together; this will save time when making up beds.

About Professional Sheet Cleaning

If you’d like to elevate the care and extend the life of your fine bedsheets, we recommend having your bedsheets professionally cleaned and pressed. Fashion Cleaners offers sheet service that is second to none. We wash your sheets using toxic-free gentle detergents in cool temps. Our special presses, press your sheets perfectly without causing any damage from heat. Give it a try; we know you’ll love it!

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