It seems every year as I get ready to set the holiday table for Thanksgiving dinner, I have to run to my computer and Google “proper placesetting.” Although I have set this same table year after year, I just feel I need to SEE something to ensure myself that I am indeed setting it properly.

With that said, I thought today, the day before Thanksgiving was the perfect time for a post on “how to set the table.”  Below I have included two layouts.  One for an informal table (which I use) and one for a full-on formal table…perfect if you are getting really fancy this year.

Hope this helps… print out the images, hopefully you will set that table perfectly.  Keep in mind, you can alter the informal to your needs.  So if you want to add the salad bowl or butter knife, do so, this will just help you know where they should go!

Formal Placesetting

1. Napkin
2. Salad Fork
3. Dinner Fork
4. Dinner Plate
5. Salad Plate
6. Soup Bowl
7. Dinner Knife
8. Salad Knife
9. Dinner Spoon
10. Soup Spoon
11. Butter knife
12. Bread Plate
13. Dessert Spoon
14. Dessert Fork
15. Water Goblet
16. Red Wine Glass
17. White Wine Glass or Champagne Flute

Informal Table Setting

1.  Salad Fork
2. Dinner Fork
3. Napkin
4. Dinner Plate
5. Dinner Knife
6. Teaspoon
7. Soup Spoon
8. Water Glass
9. Wine Glass

Another great tip for ensuring your holiday table looks great is to make sure you have all your linens professionally cleaned. You simply won’t believe how much better they will look and feel. I like to have mine cleaned immediately after the dinner party or holiday, so they are fresh and ready when I need to pull them out to set the table.

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